Monday, November 1, 2010

An even more restful day in Las Vegas

We spent part of the day resting by the Hard Rock Hotel poolside, a luxurious array of pools, sand and numerous tents and outdooor seating at various levels. Shade cloths were strung across palm trees. It was too cold in the water for swimming, but a few people came to enjoy the warm autumn sunshine.

Gym facilities.

There are various pools.

Private outdoor facilities.

Imported sand, and numerous lounge facilities.
You can drink and gamble at the bar in the pool.Fountain.
Shade sails tied to palm trees.

After partying til late, we welcomed the opportunity to sleep in this morning. It was midday when we surfaced for brunch.
View of Las Vegas from our window.

We checked out some local eateries and decided the best value was to be found in one of the hotels eateries, and returned there for dinner. The complex also included various stores for shopping. Las Vegas is so spread out it is easier to shop at the motel complex you are in.

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