Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting lost again

Gary has a beautiful outfit. We met him while filling up with petrol.

Our plan for today was first to ride south through Joshua Tree National Park, California to Mecca. The Joshua trees are distinctive and grow quite large for a desert plant. WWe have seen them in other places, but here they were most abundant.

Our GPS was set for Mecca and off we went. After an hours travel we left the Park and entered a town where we stopped at a diner for lunch.

The service was slow, and while we were waiting Chris decided to check the map. It was only then we realised we had gone the wrong way.

Unfortunately the GPS couldn't computer that the shortest distance to Mecca was through the Park, and it took us on a semi-circular route that led to Joshua Tree, 15 miles due west of Twenty-nine Palms.

It was already early afteroon by the time we left the diner, and we were effectively yet to start our journey to Oceanside, 35 miles north of San Diego.

We re-traced our path through Joshus Tree NP and found the road south to Mecca. On the way there were varied and huge rock formations. The cactus garden also amazed us. There was a chipmunk living in these arid conditions.

Although there were postings about Tarantula spiders, we did not see any. An occasional fleeing bird would catch our eye.

The weather was quite hot (unseasonably so, we have been told) so we were pleased to stop for drinks.

Continuing south on 86, we passed the Salton Sea, 235 ft below sea level, before heading west to Borrego Springs on S22. The S22 road out of there is a great motorcycle journey, winding its way up the Montezuma Grade which climbs over 3000 feet in six miles.

The views changed from a dry desert to green grass and beautiful trees, something we have not seen for some time. We soon found ourselves on CA 76, another scenic road that took us all the way into Oceanside, where we were invited to stay with Teresa, another of our metal artist friends. Terrie has a beatiful home just a few miles from the ocean. The suburb is lush, green and full of trees. She welcomed us with cold drinks before we settled down to a Barbecue dinner with wine. Yum!

Squeek greets everyone.

We met Terrie's son Greg and her housemates Natalia and Aurea who live with her.

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