Friday, November 5, 2010

Meeting Jay Whaley

Today was a scheduled rest day with nothing planned so we spent some of the morning relaxing in Terrie's home which is only a few miles from the ocean.

These budgies are safe from the hawks that sometimes terrorise them.

The garden is full of fruit trees and flowers. It still feels like spring here.

The ocean is only a few miles away. There are plenty of people surfing and swimming.

Terrie works for Jay Whaley, a jeweller who runs a workshop and teaches classes in San Diego, and had to leave at 6 am. We decided to follow her in (at a more respectable hour) so we could meet Jay and see his shop. Even in the middle of the day the main road to San Diego was a mad rush of traffic, 5 lanes wide all going 80+ in a 65 zone.

We were welcomed by Jay saying "So you're the biker trash from Australia?!" and were instantly friends. We had lunch with Terrie and Jay and spent some time admiring his well-equipped workspace. Not wanting to get underfoot, we left mid afternoon.

Some of Jay's artwork.

Students working on jewelery in his workshop.
It was pizza for lunch.
The ride back was even more frenetic in the heat of a very warm autumn day. We were glad to reach Oceanside and exit to some quieter, tree-lined streets.

We stopped at a supermarket to stock up on supplies for the evening meal - another barbeque.
Terrie relaxed after a hard day's work.

Thankfully we bought ample supplies - we thought it would just be Terrie and us eating in tonight, but were pleased when Greg (Terrie's son), and Natalia joined us to eat out under the pergola in the cool of the evening. This weather is remarkably balmy. We felt sorry for Elizabeth and Nick from Ohio. They are already preparing for the winter.

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