Monday, November 1, 2010

A rest day in Las Vegas

A couple of BMW riders we met in Oatman earlier in the week (Gary and Grant) invited us to have lunch with the European Motorcycle Owners group today. On our way there we took a ride up the strip (it's not nearly as sparkly in daylight but the structures are still impressive).

The BMW dealers are a few miles south of the main part of town.

When we arrived Gary welcomed us and introduced us to the rest of the group. Mimi's where we headed for lunch was about 400 yards away as the crow flies, but on the other side of the Interstate. so it was about a mile to ride there. Actually, we were the only ones who rode - the rest were all in cars (!).

Lunch was very enjoyable and we talked about bikes and rides and adventures . All too soon it was over. Gary very generously paid for our lunches - despite our protestations that we pay our own bill.

We returned to our hotel to catch up on blogs and rest ahead of tonight's Halloween party. Americans take Halloween seriously, and it's not just for kids.

The shops have been full of pumpkins and Halloween related merchandise for at least a month, which means there is no sign of Christmas decorations yet - as we get in Australia from early October. There is also Thanksgiving at the end of November, so this is a crowded season of celebrations for Americans.

We enjoyed the festivities long into the night.

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