Friday, November 5, 2010

Selling our bike

This morning we took the Beemer back to Long Beach BMW (LA, California)where we bought it. Robyn offered us a good price to buy it outright (rather than sell it on consignment) and we couldn't refuse.

It is a fantastic bike and we were sad to let it go in some ways. (We toyed with the idea of leaving it with a friend and coming back in six months to start again. Importing it back home gave us tax issues.). If any readers are interested in a 2010 BMW R 1200 RT that is nicely run-in, fully serviced, has a GPS, radio and all its bags, detailed and sitting on new rubber, be sure to contact Robyn Smietan at Long Beach BMW Motorcycles. We have never ridden something as powerful before. It took every challenge we gave it with ease. We did avoid dirt roads however.

However, while we have recently enjoyed the benefits of an Aussie dollar being par with the US dollar, this has bitten us in the hip pocket as we sell the bike. The Aussie has incresed in value by over 10% since we bought the bike. Ce la vie! Que sera, sera...

We also had to have the bike serviced again, put two new tyres on it and get it detailed which added to our costs. Whoever buys our bike will get a real bargain...

After leavin LBBMW we drove into LA to pick up our suitcases from Vaike who has been minding them for the last six months. Vaike (aka Alex in Welderland) is a metal artist who specialises in making pet urns for holding the ashes of cremated "fur kids".

We met her friend Brenda
and spent some time chatting over a rather lovely bottle of Pinot Grigio in the warm afternoon sun before having dinner together. With another bottle of vino.

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